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Although Lawrence J. Gist II, Esq. is opposed to the death penalty, this site is dedicated to the promotion of hypoxia (nitrogen asphyxiation) as the most humane method of carrying out state-sanctioned executions.

Son of Beaumont Trial Judge Crusading for New Method of Executing Prisoners 

 Is There A More Humane Way To Kill?  

The International Humanitarian Law Pro Bono Project, of which this site is a sub-project, is a venture of Lawrence J. Gist II (a/k/a "Lance Gist"), a dedicated pro bono attorney, adjunct professor of business and law, a member of the board of directors of the Institute of Indigenous Knowledges, and a United States Marine Corps veteran. Lance Gist currently uses his 20 years of combined activist experience in the areas of:
  • International Humanitarian Law,
  • International Human Rights Law,
  • Federal Civil Rights Law,
  • Federal/State Due Process Administrative Law, and
  • Legislative Advocacy.

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BBC Horizon: How to Kill a Human Being


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